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Product Name: Michael Silk’s Copywriting Study Course – home


Why Sloppy Grammar
And Bad Typos Can INCREASE Your Sales  

Do Not Read This Unless
You Are Frustrated With The Amount
Of Sales You Are Achieving” 

you looking to possibly doubling … or even tripling the income you make
from your
sales letters and websites (even if you’ve NEVER written
one before)?
  Then step forward fellow marketer and I’ll share with
you the most powerful trade secrets for boosting your
advertising response — on the internet and in direct mail.
  These powerful copywriting trade secrets are the most
potent weapons you could have to totally ‘destroy’ your
competition and dominate your chosen market.
  They could boast your  sales by 20%, 50% … even as much

  Here’s the story …

name is Robert Evans, for the past 10 years I’ve
written tons of sales copy for my products and for some of the leading
direct marketers both here in the UK.

is, I’m VERY good at writing sales copy …
so much so that I’ve generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in
revenue from direct marketing sales.
  I learnt these powerful copywriting secrets (and it is
something YOU can learn too, just as Ian did when I mentored him) from Michael
Silk – a copywriter based here in the

why this is important for you …

created a product (called: “Online Selling
Secrets – How To Write A `Money Sucking’ Sales Message For Your Web
Site… That Virtually FORCES People All Over The World To Eagerly Give
You Their Credit Card Details!”) that contains the complete system that
taught me how to write successful sales letters and
  And I’ve managed to get permission to share these
powerful copywriting secrets with you.

this product is definitely NOT for

And to get the best
results you will have to practice your writing; this is not a read only

Selling Secrets’ teaches the exact system I’ve used to
help generate hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales for me and some
of the Internet’s BIGGEST players.

here’s the thing …

won’t teach you how to write the ‘hypey’ sales
copy (oh so loved by the Gurus) – but what it will teach you (in a
step-by-step process) is the REAL methods for writing
sales copy – and I’m talking about sales copy that can
generate thousands of orders during the launch of a product.

  Here’s some of the secrets revealed:

This is
ideal if you hit a

wall’ with your

   This powerful little
method solves all your ‘writers block’ problems – and yes, we
all suffer from this from time to time.

What about
headlines … one of

aspects to your
sales message. 

   I’ll reveal my methods
for creating them … such as:

And I won’t just be teaching you how to do it.

I’ll even show you how I
write a sales letter… right before your eyes!

I’ll take all the mystery and confusion out of writing a “white hot”
sales message, “from-the-root-to-the-fruit”, once and for all.

Anyhow, here’s just another small, (very small), sampling of the lethal
tactics and jealously guarded secrets you’ll be spoon-fed when you take
possession of: ‘The Online Selling Secret!’:

is totally ethical… but… will give you an “unfair” advantage over all
your competitors!)

I write some of my best sales letters in record speed. I just start
writing – I don’t care how it looks or sounds – and once finished,
leave it for a few hours, then come back and edit it.

I’ve been known to write a sales letter in under 2 hours – that’s from
start to finish.

you can see, after you have finished reading ‘The Online
Selling Secret!’ you will have the most valuable skill in
the world.

ability to sell by the written word!

just to make certain you understand how true that statement is, here
are a few more scorching secrets that will shock, titillate and stun

Are you starting to see just how immensely valuable ‘The
Online Selling Secret!’ will be to you?

  Can you now see why it is likely to send shock waves
across the entire Internet?

99% of people online don’t have a clue about some of these “killer”
sales secrets.

Will you be one of the 1% that does?

But… like I said, the material is not for everyone.

The ultra-powerful persuasion tactics give anyone who uses them an
almost “remote control power” over any visitor to their web site.

You might not have the stomach for some ruthless psychological tactics
I will be sharing with you.

So… to help you find out if you are ready, and have got what it takes
to join the 1% elite, here are a few more diabolical secrets you need
to be able to handle:

you are brave enough to use this “killer” technique, your only problem
will making sure you can get deliver the goods fast enough!)

This is the secret that allows you to take “iron-grip” control over the
mind of the reader… and… lead them by the hand all the way to getting
out their wallet and eagerly handing you over their credit card details!

You’ll also learn how playing golf, reading a book, watching a movie,
or, kicking back and hanging out with your friends can take your web
site sales message to new levels – you’ll never guess the unusual
reason behind this one!

Here’s more
you’ll learn:

Here’s some of the chapters within the publication:

There is a 30
day refund on this product.

This is NOT for
timewasters or dreamers.

Or those of you that are incapable of actually getting on with a bit of

In fact this product is really
only for people with genuine
aspirations, people who really do want to achieve success, rewards
and freedom in their life.

Anyway, if you are still interested, it’s simple to order.

Just click the text directly above ‘The Online Selling Secret’ book
cover image to go directly to the secure order page.  From there
you go straight to the download page for “The Online Selling Secret” gaining
instant access. The Online Selling
Secret is a digital product
for download only.  It is NOT a
physical product.  All images are for illustration only.

‘The Online Selling Secrets!’

writing mentor to Ian David

Nothing attracts a buyer more that a headline, and to generate cold,
hard cash, you’ll get my personal collection of 1,047 proven ‘winning’
headlines that you can adapt for any of your sales letters or website.   If you desire to make the
maximum money from your website or offline direct mail sales
letter, you MUST become
a master at
writing attention-grabbing headlines. 

And if all doesn’t convince you that you should have this product, then
I don’t know what else will.

(C) Copyright 2020 Ian David

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